There are actually three things you can count on in this world – death, taxes and brand new Instagrammable trends. Obviously we’re only really psyched about that last one. So without further adieu we introduce you to stone nails.

No, these are not tips made out of rocks, but rather nails embellished with tiny, pretty stones, or at the very least made to look like shiny pebbles you’d find along the most idyllic, enchanted path imaginable. We’re particularly digging the varieties embellished with gems and marble-like polishes, but all of the looks are pretty frickin’ cool.

And it looks like you can go as blingy or earthy as you like with your mani style when working with stones, which means it’s a versatile nail art look if you have the time, patience and skill level to place each piece.

If you’re not totally skilled with nail art, there’s always the option of taking in a few stones of your own and asking your favorite manicurist to whip up something cool with them, which could save you a lot of frustration while delivering a super unique mani.