Three Nail Art Designs You Have To Try Right Now

Nail art is one of the easiest (and smallest) ways to channel your personal style. Whether you prefer the do-it-yourself method or a bi-weekly salon appointment, how you choose to adorn your nail beds definitely changes with the seasons. And with an election on the horizon, this is the perfect opportunity to get yourself into the voting spirit. We teamed up with three top notch manicurists for our November 2016 issue and each of them did not disappoint. From architectural shapes to minimal design and a narrative look that channels the Black Lives Matter movement, these nail art designs are sure to satisfy every type of beauty enthusiast. Take a closer look below! 

Nykia Spradley Oct, 25, 2016

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Nail artist Mei Kawajiri (@ciaomanhattan2012) crafts a manicure that will definitely get you excited for the upcoming election. Why not hit the voting booth with a set of killer nails?! 

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When it comes to telling a story through nail art, Kawajiri is an incredible narrator. Here, she created three sets of tips that show the First Family, the 2016 election season and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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“Artists have always used their art to tell stories, express opinions and participate in the political and social conversations taking place around them,” says Kawajiri. “Nail art is no different—nails are my canvas of choice.”

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It looks as if negative space is here to stay “because there are so many ways to wear it,” says nail artist Fleury Rose (@fleuryrosenails), who produced these three designs. 

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“My favorite new style in negative space is called a cheek nail [shown here],” says Rose. “It’s where color is concentrated at the center of the nail and faded outward like blush on a cheek. I also love using clustering tape, stones or glitter dead center on the nail and leaving the rest clear.”

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This minimalist mani isn’t just for those who prefer less color either. If you like gels, negative space at the cuticle allows you to get a longer wear out of your polish as it grows out. “The look can also be really edgy with small illustrations or shapes on a clean nail. I prefer it with a very glossy finish,” says Rose.

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This geometric mani, created by Gracie J of The Editorial Nail (@theeditorialnail), plays up shapes, lines and color-blocking patterns, works on anyone and a particularly great option for the girl who likes a style that’s slightly more subtle than a full-out narrative nail.

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“Whether you’re eccentric or a bit more on the reserved side, nail art is here to cater to you,” says Gracie J.

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If you’re wondering how your nail shape will work with the lines and curves on these designs, Gracie J says: “Nail art is about self-expression, so don’t limit yourself or overthink the process. Go with a nail shape that atters your hands, and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. The best part about nail design is it isn’t permanent.” If you want something new, you can easily change things up.