Nail Salon Closed? Here Are 7 Press-On Kits To Keep Your Fingernails Fresh and Fabulous
Photo: Getty

To slow the spread of the coronavirus, government officials have issued ‘stay-at-home’ advisories across the nation and ordered the closure of non-essential businesses, including nail salons.

While these safety measures are in effect, many of us will fall victim to hangnails, overgrown cuticles, and janky paint jobs. So now is the perfect time to explore the fascinating world of press-on nails.

Press-on nails are an easy and affordable way to give your digits a quick refresh while at home. And not to mention, they also come in stylish shapes and dope designs.

To keep your nails looking presentable while we wait out the COVID-19 crisis, pop on one of the pretty press-on kits below.

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