Every weekend as I’m scrolling through my feed and Insta-stalking the celebrities and influencers that I fangirl for, I come across something interesting and inspiring in the beauty space. From jaw-dropping transformations to drool-inducing hair, there’s always something that I can’t stop staring at or watching, and it instantly garners a double-tap.

As New York Fashion Week commenced this past weekend I was absolutely mesmerized by a photo of South Africa-based model Moostapha Saidi. It was posted by Kanaiza, a “handpicked curated gallery featuring the art of visionaries, creatives and muses of the diaspora.” It’s a visually brilliant shot showcasing Black beauty at its distinct finest and I cannot stop looking at it.

My Social Media Beauty Pick Of The Weekend

The photo, shot by South African artist and photographer Justin Dingwall, showcases Saidi bedazzled all over his face and body, the gems and stones blending with his vitiligo to create an undeniable work of art. It’s from Dingwall’s 2018 series A seat at the table Artwork: Gold IV. He captioned it with a Turkish proverb, “If speaking is silver, then listening is gold.”

Hair and makeup artist Orlioh’s skilled hands are to thank for the adornment, while Dingwall’s treasured lens captured Saidi’s unique beauty in such a stunning light.

My Social Media Beauty Pick Of The Weekend

The face gem trend has now been upgraded. You’re welcome.