My mother and my grandmother are pretty much my whole world. They were my first introduction to what it means to be beautiful physically and spiritually and I’ve modeled myself after them in a lot of ways.

Any bold, in-your-face sense of style I have comes from my feisty grandma, Barbara Ann, 72, and any air of sophistication I’m able to display comes from my mother, Dawn, 52.

Although my grandmother wears minimal makeup, I’ve admired her dramatic lashes, always fierce hairstyles (finger waves were my favorite) and impeccable nails over the years. My mother and I, on the other hand, are bona fide beauty girls and can spend a significant amount of time playing in makeup.

This holiday season, I had a chance to introduce my ladies to Glossier and they were impressed, to say the least.

Known for a more minimal approach to makeup, Glossier seemed like a perfect fit for two women who are all about enhancing their natural beauty. I was super excited to see how mature women, who have pretty regular beauty routines would feel about these new products.

My mother opted to try out the Perfecting Skin Tint & Stretch Concealer, Boy Brow and Sheer Matte Lipstick.

My sweet Barbara Ann, tried out the Stretch Concealer, Sheer Matte Lipstick, Lash Slick and Boy Brow (which she went home with).

Check out what they had to say about their experience below!