<p>This Video Reminds Us That Being Called 'Pretty For A Black Girl' Isn't A Compliment</p>

How many of us have had at least one of these conversations with our parents?


Well known community-building platform My Black is Beautiful just released a powerful and timely video that centers around the conversations people of color have with their children about racial bias.  

Titled “The Talk,” the short clip highlights how parents should talk to their children in the aftermath of tense situtaions such as police encounters or a conversation laced with microagressions. 

For instance, one mother tells her daughter that she is beautiful “period”, and that being called “pretty for a Black girl” isn’t a compliment.  Another scenario features a mother talking to her newly licensed daughter about the dos and don’t’s of talking to the police if she gets pulled over.

“I’m a good driver,” says the daughter, not wanting to hear the lecture. The response from her mother shows that it’s about more than getting a ticket: “It’s about you not coming home.”  

The entire two minute clip is sure to hit home for Black families across the country, especially in today’s political and social climate.  

Procter and Gamble (the parent company behind the My Black is Beautiful collective), hopes that “The Talk” will raise awareness about bias and its impact on children and families.  

Watch the video above, and be sure to share your own stories on social media using the hashtag #TalkAboutBias, and tag My Black is Beautiful using @MBIB.