Men's Beauty: The Editor Approved Grooming Products To Buy For Bae

Even if they try to deny it, we know men secretly love beauty; which probably explains why some of our favorite skin care products end up missing or disappear much faster than we expect. 

So while they are reluctant to admit it, every guy could benefit from a consistent a grooming routine. One that includes a little skincare and beard grooming, and even possibly some cologne. To help jumpstart his regimen, we’ve rounded up a few of the best grooming products on the market now.

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This two-in-one formula removes build-up while hydrating the scalp.

available at Kiehls $20 Buy

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This cleansing brush system cleans skin of oil, sweat, and grime to reveal vibrant, healthier-looking skin.

available at Sephora $219 Buy

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Enriched with purifying and invigorating organic CADE essential oil this cream transforms into a creamy lather for an extra gentle shave that leaves skin clean and smooth.

available at L'Occitane $29 Buy

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Light and luminous citrus top notes give way to fresh and woodsy bottom notes with this modern fragrance.

available at Acqua di Parma $155 (3.4 oz) Buy

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Dove Men Foaming Body Wash goes to work on dirt and oil faster than regular body wash, and the refreshes and revives skin.

available at Target $5.99 Buy

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A gentle and completely granule-free exfoliant, formulated to even skin tone and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

available at Neiman Marcus $69 Buy

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A pH-balanced cleansing bar for face and body, this formula gently cleanses and leaves skin smooth and refreshed.

available at Ulta $10 Buy

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Made with vetiver and lavender and this grooming oil calms and uplifts the spirit while also giving skin a healthy glow.

available at Aba Love Apothecary $38 Buy

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This ultra-light moisturizer with non-greasy SPF filters keeps your skin smooth and protected.

available at Polished by Dr. Lancer $35 Buy


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# Beauty