12 Memorable Black-And-White Photos From Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ Album

When you’re a boss like Beyoncé, when life hands you lemons, you not only make an entire visually stunning work called Lemonade, you body someone else’s Super Bowl halftime show with it, parlay that into an epic Coachella phenomenon, and take over whatever parts of the world you didn’t already have under your spell. And you do it all while never spilling a drop of your juice.

But when Beyoncé first debuted her Lemonade album, the world went wild over the content, which mostly referenced infidelity in her marriage. It almost came first to the stunning images of the visual component for the songs. Almost.

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So last Tuesday when we celebrated National Lemonade Day, we retreated back to our ambivalent sweet spot—torn between loving everything about the album, and sour about what inspired it all. Because we’ll take any opportunity to celebrate how dope Beyoncé looked in all the videos and performances from the album, we’re using National Lemon Juice Day to do that.

These black and white photographs from Beyonce.com and Instagram show the mother, wife, singer, actress, entrepreneur, influencer, mogul, and all-around inspiration in such real and raw beauty. We’re squeezing out a celebration to continue the celebration of Bey’s baby hair, afros, negro nose and “Jackson Five nostrils” in all their glory.


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