The Matching Designer Set Any Couple Would Want For A Gift
Natasha Tendai

There’s no better time than Black Friday to start buying holiday gifts for loved ones; especially if you’ve barely made a dent in your shopping list. And no matter how much you plan, there’s always that one person who leaves you completely stumped.

For some, it’s not just one person; it’s a couple. Whether they’re newlyweds, best friends or “it’s complicated,” finding one thing that will satisfy two people is a learned skill that takes careful research.

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Let’s cut to the chase: a fragrance is your best bet. Everyone wants to smell good or at least have a signature scent and this matching set is the epitome of knocking out two birds with one stone. 

Prada’s L’Homme and La Femme eau de parfums aren’t just appealing because of the designer label. We got to preview both scents not too long ago and they smell truly sensual. They’re labeled as “his” and “her” products, but we wouldn’t get too stuck on the pronouns. Deciding which one to spritz really depends on your mood and preference.

The La Femme, ($130, or “her”, parfum is mostly floral sprinkled with some spicy notes; a sexy blend of the frangipani flower, beeswax, vanilla and ylang-ylang. Honestly, we’ve never smelled anything like it.

And the L’Homme, ($98, or “his”, fragrance is a bit more classic, but still distinct, with notes of geranium, patchouli and neroli.  Beyond the actual smell, both bottles are also stitched with Prada’s signature fabric and moon-shaped so they can sit apart or pressed together; luxe and completely couple-friendly. 

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