We Just Broke Down Every Single Concealer Type

I, too, have stared with empty, confused eyes at a web page of concealer, wondering what product will meet my specific demands. What’s going to cover up my dark circles and make that unexpected zit virtually undetectable to anyone I come in contact with? In a word, shopping for concealer is overwhelming — and that’s mostly because there are countless different textures and corrective colors all designed to do different things.

So how does one sift through every product out there to find their miracle tube? They don’t. Instead, they consult this miracle Infographic, of course. MIMI went to Achelle Dunaway, e.l.f. Cosmetic’s Global Artistic Director, to get a breakdown on every single concealer type and texture.


Concealer Textures

Regardless of the type of concealer you use, Dunaway says you should make sure your concealer matches your skin tone exactly, and for under-eye concealers, they should only be one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. She also says that skin tone concealers should go on after you apply foundation, but if you’re using a powder foundation, they go on first.

Got that? OK, good. Now, moving on…

Liquid: According to Dunaway, this texture is perfect for normal to oily skin types, as well as mature skin, and provides buildable coverage. Also, take note! Dunaway says this is your go-to for blemishes — she loves e.l.f. HD Lifting Concealer ($3; walmart.com).

Concealer Pens: Perfect for all skin types, these babies are usually used to brighten under your eyes and are super lightweight. We dig it.

Cream or Stick: Dunaway says this is your go-to if you have normal or dry skin, and they usually give a medium to full coverage. You can also use it to cover up dark spots and tattoos! #Multitasking. Dunaway suggests e.l.f Studio Complete Coverage Concealer ($3; walgreens.com).


Corrective Concealers

Colored concealer? Yep. These multicolored concealers all help fix a different issue. Dunaway says you apply a corrective concealer to your skin before applying foundation. “Follow by applying your skin tone concealer for additional spot coverage, use a sponge to dab product to help build coverage and blend the edges,” she says. The next step is to apply your liquid foundation and set with a powder.

Read on to find out what shade to pick for your skin type.

Lavender: Dunaway says this hue helps to counter balance yellowness and is perfect for those with cool skin tones.

Yellow: Not sure what yellow concealer does? Our expert tells us that this buy, which is good for warm skin tones, can counter dark circles and can brighten the skin.

Green: Got a blemish? Reach for green concealer. This will neutralize the redness of that zit and even rosacea.

Pink: Ideal for cool skin tones, this will neutralize blue in the skin.

Orange or Salmon: Dunaway says that an orange concealer will neutralize blue, deep purple or gray tones on darker skin, but that it’s also good for warm skin tones.