Update Your Make-Up Bag With Style
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The fall season is almost here and it’s high time you put away those crappy plastic bags (yes, I’m talking to you!) and upgrade your cosmetic bag to one that’s travel-friendly and holds all your beauty essentials and personal items in one place. Don’t say goodbye to summer without trying these must-do tips to upgrade your makeup carryall. 

1. Get an Everyday Eyeshadow Palette (One That You’ll Actually Use!)
Eyeshadow palettes are a dime a dozen, but sadly you end up logging around ones that you never use. Be smart and select one with matte and shimery hues so you’ll be prepared for every outing. We like, Lancome’s Auda[city] In Paris, it offers 16 beautiful shades in four finishes.

2. Go Bold
Now that you’ve mastered dark eyeliners, opt for one that’s brighter and more daring. Try Diorshow Waterproof Pro Liner in Backstage Khaki or gray. And, if you still can’t let go of black, try Lancome Drama Liqui-pencil longwear eyeliner.

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3. Try a Waterproof Interior
Things spill and can easily mess up your bag. So, opt for one that’s easy to clean and simple enough for a day at the beach or pool.

4. Have a Variety
One thing that’s important to remember when upgrading your cosmetic bag is to have your go-to favorites, but also thrown in a mix of items you’ve been dying to use. Need inspiration? Sign up for our ESSENCE Beautybox for an assortment of brands our experts stand by.