Tip Tuesday: Makeup Artist Beauty Tricks For Your Next Tropical Getaway
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Between the current political climate and general stress of everyday life, we’ve contemplated a vacation to get away from it all. For those braving another winter season, a tropical island is the perfect oasis for all things relaxation: warm weather, sandy beaches and leisure activity.

The last thing we want to worry about is a random pimple or unexpected sunburn, but experience has taught us that these skin concerns don’t discriminate. They’ll show up whenever or whereever they please, including your vacay!


Besides flight attendants, makeup artists rack up plenty of travel time in between clients, making them a treasure trove of tips for keeping it cute on-the-go. Danielle Lewis, a Black makeup artist with years of experience under her belt, swears by a “full spa moment” before flying the friendly skies.

“I really up the hydration factor,” she says. “I double cleanse, exfoliate and mask, then pull out all the stops with serums, lotions and potions. I feel like this gives my skin a head start so it’s better equipped to deal with airplane air and the stress that comes with work travel.”

And even after all of that luxurious self care, she warns that the same concerns you experience at home will follow you to a tropical isle.

“Dry skin may even be irritated by the additional sun exposure so be sure to bring (and use) sunscreen,” she suggests. “Now is not the time to get creative with skin care, so stick to the script and bring what you’re using at home.”

For starters, if your products are too big for a carry-on, invest in travel containers from Muji or Target so you can avoid an awkward run-in with TSA. Lewis also recommends perusing Sephora’s On-The-Go section for smaller sized products you can toss when you get back home.

As for what to put inside those containers, mascara, concealer, blush and a good lip are important, regardless of how minimal or extensive your routine is.

“Mascara opens those eyes right away and concealer hides a multitude of sins,” Lewis adds. “Blush helps us look alive and a statement lip makes you look polished in an instant. I also like to keep a moisturizer with SPF handy and a lip balm. No matter where you go, dry lips are not invited!”

When it comes to your SPF, an absolute year-round must, “switch out your rich winter creams for cooling, gel formulas” in warm weather, as well as facial mist handy for a quick recharge. All of these are like a cool drink of water for the face.

Lewis counts Supergoop and Elizabeth Arden as her sun protection favorites, both of which don’t leave that grey, ashy cast on brown skin.

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She also recommends Coola’s setting spray for added SPF on top of your makeup.

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Before and after SPF, aim for lightweight makeup products that give you the option of building matte coverage without a heavy finish. According to Lewis, the products you should use depend on your skin tupe.

For Oily Skin: “Stick with a long-wearing, matte finish because this controls oil and provides coverage that won’t slip.”

For Dry Skin: “Tinted moisturizers with a little slip are perfect for dry girls in the hot months. You get light, buildable coverage and a little hydration. Most of these also have a little SPF in the mix.”

For Sensitive Skin: “Sticking with gentle brands is really important for sensitive skin. Looking for products that are non-comedogenic is important because they are formulated to prevent clogged pores and won’t cause breakouts.”

For Combination Skin: Combo girls should find a lightweight powder foundation that controls oil and provides buildable coverage.

Now, anyone with brown skin understands the struggle of finding foundation that actually matches our various tones. And as an MUA working with real women, Lewis completely understands. Whether you’re packing for the islands or simply need coverage that won’t make your skin look faded, she cosigns two popular brands for making your melanin pop:

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NARS All Day Weightless Liquid Foundation was formulated with tropical temps in mind. This foundation provides full coverage but is also lightweight and heat resistant. They also have a great range for deeper tones.”

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“And MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation is really flexible and can be used as both a concealer or foundation. It’s waterproof, buildable and designed to last all day.”

Now go forth and plan your vacay slay!

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