Here Are the Answers To Your Most Common Summer Makeup Questions

Even the most basic beauty tasks need some clarification. From SPF to foundation that won't stay put and lipstick that melts outside the lines, we've got a quick tip for 5 of the most common summer makeup woes. Lijha Stewart, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Director of Artistry and Education, breaks down each one below. 

Nikki Brown Jul, 13, 2017

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Our skin is different from winter to summer, so it’s a good idea to switch and move with your skin’s needs. Stewart says, "If your skin gets oily and foundation moves on you during the summer- try a mattifying, long wearing foundation like MAKE UP FOR EVER Mat Velvet ($41, If you want natural, dewy summer skin that stays in place, try a water-based foundation, like MAKE UP FOR EVER's Water Blend Foundation ($43,"

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Stewart recommends getting familiar with a primer or setting spray, both of which can be your best makeup friend while beating the summer heat. "Primer acts like velcro for your foundation, while setting spray locks your foundation in place," she says. "The right summer primer for your skin type is important! Meaning, if you have oily skin, avoid primers that have too much silicone. This can cause more slipping and moving of your foundation. Instead, try a primer that is water-based or oil-controlling, as this can provide a more stable base and allow the primer to soak into skin rather than floating on top." Try using MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Step 1: Skin Equalizer Hydrating Primer ($37, and Mist & Fix ($30, to extend the wear of your makeup. 

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Although there are setting sprays that include UV protection in their formulas, those with oily skin may be turned off by the texture. Stewart adds, "a moisturizer with an SPF can be a great way to avoid too many layers on your skin. Apply onto clean skin after washing your face, then let it set in for a few minutes. You can go right into your makeup routine once it’s set."


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Great news: insulated makeup bags exist and Make Up For Ever makes one ($25,! Stewart also recommends repurposing cold/hot lunch bags. "You will want to avoid keeping things in the freezer or fridge, as it can change the formula, texture, or even color."

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Wearing lipstick in hot weather is always a bit scary because the rising temps could melt down whatever formula you're wearing. And although lip liners are a huge help, they don't always guarantee that your color will stay in place. Stewart says, "Wax-based liner can be great for preventing feathering lipsticks, but high-pigment cream liners can actually cause more moving and bleeding. Try MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Lip Line Perfector ($20, for a clear, wax-based liner that is universal for all shades of lipstick and lip liner."


And of course, waterproof makeup is always recommended this time of year. Keep reading for the lowdown on three of Stewart's must-haves of the moment. 

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"Aqua XL Color Paint is my new favorite for its extensive shade range and eye shadow that lasts as long as you do. I love that with this product, you can have bold or soft colors that are completely budge proof." In case you missed it, check out our easy tutorial with the product here

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Stewart recommends this one "for its 20 hour wear and beautiful neutral shades. I love this liquid matte lipstick to juxtapose a dewy summer complexion and they are a long wear that is actually comfortable."

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Stewart says this formula grips and never slips. "I love it because of the highly-pigmented color and amazing long wear—it’s my go-to liner for all seasons, but especially to last in the summer heat."

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