Intensify Your Eyes With By Terry’s Ombré Blackstar Cream Eyeshadows
Jordan Strauss

Aimlessly searching for colored eyeliner through a messy bundle of products, I quickly grabbed the first thing that seemed like it might give my look a boost. I’d had a really long night prior to going into work that day, and I just needed a little something to wake up my tired eyes — or at least give the impression of a good night’s sleep. Picking up what I thought was eyeliner, I made a great discovery: eyeshadow from a new cosmetic line called By Terry.

By Terry’s Ombré Blackstar Cream Eyeshadow comes in three mesmerizing fall colors. There’s Velvet Orchid, which is like a rich deep purple; Midnight Forest, a bronzed leafy green; and Beyond Gold, which has a shimmering glossy finish that lives up to the name. I’ve only worn one at a time, but the shades can definitely be layered together. When blending, the satin texture melts on your lids and doesn’t budge after applying. I barely have to touch up, and if I do, it’s usually just to add a little more intensity. Which also brings me to the point of how ideal a shadow stick can be! Because of the shape, there’s a lot more control on how much or how little you’ll apply. Sometimes I wear it as a liner, and other times I have the option of wearing it as a shadow. This is a goof-proof, travel-friendly, luxe find with color that pops — especially on darker skin tones. Splurge worthy!

By Terry’s Ombré Blackstar Cream Eyeshadows are available for $43 here.

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