You put a little lipstick on, your face powder’s in place, and your makeup is set. You’re feeling cute so you take an Instagram snapshot or two and you’re out the door. By midday, you walk past a mirror and say to yourself, “What happened to my flawless finish?” I know this feeling ALL too well!

I’ve tried a few products used for setting your makeup in place, but many of them didn’t work for me or I would simply get confused when applying. Skindinavia Finishing Spray was the first product I tried that didn’t give me either of those problems. It’s a finishing spray that helps hold everything in place all day!

There are five different formulations that make Skindinavia ideal for every skin type. I use the No More Shine Makeup Finish because I’m currently dealing with oily skin. This formula gives off a nice matte finish without dulling your natural glow. I only spritz on a little in the morning after applying my makeup. There usually isn’t much of a need for additional sprays throughout the day, but if you think you’ll need quick touchups, the bottle is travel-friendly and will fit conveniently in your pocketbook or makeup bag. The bottom line is if you want to keep your makeup from slipping, melting, and creasing throughout the day, make this your must-have!

Skindinavia is $29 at

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