I recently endured my fair share of consecutive overnight work sessions which resulted in that dreadful “raccoon eye” look. In order for me to mask my dark, under-eye circles, I went in search of a new concealer. As any cosmetics junkie would do, I made a trip to the cosmetics counter and ended up leaving with Benefit Cosmetics’ Boing Concealer which was the perfect solution for my too-tired eyes.

The estheticians at Benefit Cosmetics weren’t kidding when they called this five-shade concealer industrial strength. With barely a dab, the smooth, thick consistency blends perfectly to conceal both under-eye circles and acne related skin imperfections. With the dab of your middle finger or a concealer brush, blemishes are concealed and the face is brightened with a creaseless finish that lasts hours.

Benefit Cosmetics Boing Concealer, $20, available at Ulta.