Pretty in Pink! The Perfect Makeup for Your Valentine's Day Date Night

Forget the pink-and-red outfit. This year add a touch of the romantic holiday hue into your beauty routine with these hot products.

Kaitlyn Frey Jan, 19, 2017

This article originally appeared on PeopleStyle. 

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What could be more fitting for a Valentine's Day fragrance than one that's pink and has the word 'love' in the name? Inspired by the love story of her parents, Tory Burch just launched this new bold and romantic scent, featuring hints of pink pepper, rose and sandalwood. 

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Dab this creamy gel-like formula onto your cheeks for a girlie, romantic flush. The best part: It comes equipped with a built-in blending brush, so you can add an extra pop or touch ups as the night goes on!

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Swipe on this luxe nude-y pink lip shade to complete any soft (and sexy!) makeup look. 

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If you're looking to add a touch of playfulness to your date night lip, look no further than this fun pink glitter top coat, that adds just the right amount of shine over your favorite lipstick -- without going overboard.

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While some might be fearful to try pink-hued eye shadows, with this palette, that won't be the case. These pink shades add a small touch of color for a soft smoky eye.

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Top off your favorite blush with this bubblegum pink illuminator to create a dewy sheen on the apples of your cheeks. 

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Kiss your special someone as often as you want (without worrying about transfering your bold lip shade) when you opt for a matte liquid lipstick formula, like this one from Armani. 

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If other pink makeup products aren't your thing, go for an elegant touch of the color on your nails. This gel formula from Essie lasts up to 14 days and requires no UV light!

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Go for the glow by adding this iridescent pink highlighter everywhere, from the high points of your cheekbones to underneath your brow bones to the inner corner of your eyes. 

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