Every Weird Lipstick Shade You Need This Halloween

Costumes are essential for Halloween, but makeup plays an equally important part. You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to intensify your look; create lots of drama by simply rocking a bold lip color! It's important to remember that this holiday is all about self-expression, so sheer lip gloss and lip balms won’t cut it. Whether you're handing out candy to the kiddies or crashing a party with friends, vibrant is best and all "normal" beauty rules can be thrown out the window, . We’ve got the brightest and coolest lipsticks to compliment your villainous, ethereal and haunting costumes just ahead. Pucker up! 

Jennifer Ford Oct, 26, 2016

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Not into painting your entire face green? Layer on a wicked green lipstick and still be the baddest witch at the party. $21, sephora.com.

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Halloween is your one chance to wear white lipstick. So all you cold snow queens pucker up. $24, sephora.com.

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Glittery lips are an essential for whimsical-themed Halloween costumes, so all you mermaids and unicorns take note. $30, kaoircosmetics.com.

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Nail your ice princess look with an icy blue lipstick Elsa wouldn’t even want to let go of. $17, sephora.com.

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Channel you inner rock star, witch or villain with a bold black lipstick. Black lipstick can also be used to create easy animal inspired looks like kittens and other furry creatures. $23, sephora.com.

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Yellow lip color is the perfect touch for your bumble bee-inspired costume and AN even better option if your dressing up as a minion. $8, limecrime.com.

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What’s Halloween without Jessica Rabbit or a sexy devil? Hence the need for a sexy red lipstick. This one just happens to be everyone’s favorite. $17, nordstrom.com.

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Muted grey lip color is ideal for waking up your inner zombie and nailing your Walking Dead costume. $6, target.com.

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Up the ante with your vampire look by rocking a bold navy blue pout instead of your basic burgundy lipstick. $17, nordstrom.com.