Sir John’s New Lip Color Technique Will Make You Very Hungry
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Leave it to Sir John, beauty expert and Queen Beyonce’s go-to makeup man, to steal inspo from a sandwich for his latest lip color technique.

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L’Oréal Paris is making you the artist with their new customizable lip colors, Infallible Lip Paints ($10,, that mimic the vibrant shades you’d find in an artist’s palette. Sir John, who is an ambassador for the brand, showed us exactly how to use them. 

Courtesy of L'Oreal

He calls his version of an updated ombré lip the “PB&J” since you’re building product the same way you would make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Start with one lighter and one darker shade. The collection includes 14 satin finish colors, so there are a ton of combos to choose from. Sir John says to stay away from matte finishes, which dry quickly and don’t give you time to play and blend.

Start by applying the darker shade all over the lip and then the second shade on top. The trick is in the press. Instead of over blending the two colors together for an ombré effect, just press your lips together once.

Think about closing up a sandwich. What you get is a multi-tonal color that looks like one shade from afar and another when up close. Beware of overpressing; it’ll just meld into one shade, which negates the effect. 

Will you be trying?!