Christian Louboutin Launches Lipstick Collection

From signature red soles to an equally fabulous nail polish line, the Christian Louboutin brand seems to get everything right. And next month trendsetters are bound to fall even more in love with the designer, as Mr. Louboutin launches a lipstick collection inspired by Queen Nefertiti.

“After the eyes, lips represent the most expressive element of the face. And there’s a fetish appeal, because lipstick can transform a face from intense to naive or even dangerous,” said Louboutin in a press release. “When a woman carries a handbag, we look at her shoulders. When she slips on a pair of heels, we observe her walk. If she applies lacquer to her nails, we admire her hands. With its slow, circular application, lip makeup becomes a rich and sensual gesture.”

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Brace yourself for the price tag, though—each of the luxurious 36 shades is priced at $90. But, thankfully each shade in the color range works with practically everything you own. So whether you are a deep berry kind of gal (“Very Privé” and “Sevillana”) or prefer lighter hues (“Tutulle” and “Me Nude”) there is something for everyone. As an added bonus, the black and gold vials featuring satin, matte and sheer finishes give new meaning to the term ‘wearable art’.

The best part? Tie a ribbon or fasten a chain through the cap and these lipsticks can also be worn as necklaces. So with that, it looks like we’ll be pinching pennies the rest of August in preparation for the collection. Are you with us?