The Key to Your Best Beauty After 30
JGI/Jamie Grill

Thirty is not the new twenty—thank God! Thirty, is better; you’re more balanced, more confident, more knowledgeable, and all around more beautiful because you’ve come into your own. You finally dropped that shimmery blue shadow that was hot in the 90’s, found the right shade of foundation, and you stopped over-plucking your brows (proud of you, girl!) 

As your skin changes, your makeup concerns will change too. To address these changes, we reached out to celebrity makeup artist, beauty expert and all-around beauty man in-the-know, Andrew Sotomayor. He’s worked behind the scenes with some of your favorite designers at fashion week. The man knows his stuff! Find out his makeup tips and check out the ESSENCE BeautyBox for home delivery of the seasons must-haves.

ESSENCE: Because skin tends to become drier with age, our skincare formulas should evolve to fit our needs. Does that same principal apply to makeup?
ANDREW SOTOMAYOR: It’s important to care for your skin throughout your entire life. Drier skin types benefit from richer moisturizer and the same may be true for makeup. Choose formulas with built in moisturizers and anti-aging ingredients, but remember that these are “supplementary” and shouldn’t replace proper skincare products.

ESSENCE: Do you find that you use specific textures more often on women in their 30’s?
SOTOMAYOR: As a makeup artist, I prefer using cream foundations whenever possible because they blend and layer easily. Liquid makeups are also good, especially if they have a pump, because they easily dispense the right amount of makeup every time, which makes your morning routine faster. Remember that most women of color need two different shades of face makeup. For at home use, I suggest a liquid foundation that works well on the deepest tone on your skin towards your hairline, and a concealer that is the same as or one shade lighter that the brightest tone on your face.

ESSENCE: How should your makeup technique change after your 20’s?
SOTOMAYOR: Makeup is like an undergarment and a fashion accessory. It’s functional and fashionable. And, don’t be afraid to wear a little more makeup if you need it, and remember that it’s an opportunity to play up where you are in your life. A great pair of heels makes you walk taller and adds a ton of style. A great set of false lashes wakes up your whole face, and some glamour that still looks like you.

ESSENCE: What are key words that women in their 30’s should look for in makeup products?
SOTOMAYOR: Moisturizing, smoothing, illuminating are all good words to look for. Avoid products containing harsh ingredients or toxic preservatives like parabens.

ESSENCE: Are there specific issues that need more attention within this age range?
SOTOMAYOR: Uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and dark circles can come with develop for a number of reasons. Better quality concealers can be hide these things, and so can sunscreen. Regardless of skin color, everyone is subject to sun damage and you should find a sunscreen that’s right for you.

ESSENCE: What are the makeup faux pas that significantly age women?
SOTOMAYOR: A lot of women in their 30’s have oily skin and skip moisturizer thinking it will make them look greasy. Actually, using a lightweight moisturizer helps skin stay balanced. I love that mattifying products diffuse light and smooth skin texture, but don’t be afraid to let your skin “shine strategically”.

The Essence woman always gets better with age. Share your beauty tips with us in the comments below!