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On-The-Go Grooming Tips For Every Brow Shape

Because you won't always have time to tweeze. 


Our never-ending quest for the perfect brow isn’t without its hiccups. Sometimes, a busy schedule or lack of funds make it impossible to pencil in a salon visit.

And if you’re used to having someone else shape and groom your eyebrows, the idea of using a set of tweezers may send you into panic mode. When it feels like there are no other options, our simple step-by-step guide will be here to save the day.

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Using just brow gel and a handy pencil, you can conceal misplaced hair and fill in sparse areas. If your’s are sparse, over arched or a bit bushy, watch the above video for easy on-the-go grooming tips, courtesy of New York City-based makeup artist Tara Lauren


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