“Pastel makeup” doesn’t really have a great ring to it. It conjures images of Barbies and little girls playing dress up—or worse. But really, pastels, in all their ethereal glory, can be chic and as wearable as nudes. Celebrity makeup artist Frank Guyton shares his tips for pulling off soft purples, blues, pinks, et al here.

For Day: ” Keep it simple. Cascade color all over your top lid with a dome shaped crease brush. You want the bristles to be fluffy—not as dense as an actual shadow brush. That’ll give you a look that’s look just a dust of color. Apply a couple coats of mascara. The black contrasts with the soft pastel, making it pop!”

For Night: “To take pastels from day to night, create a smoky eye. Sweep shadow on the lower lid then the entire eye with black liner.”

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