As the holiday party invites start to roll in, it’s time to build your arsenal of go-to glamifying beauty looks. Tricks that make you look instantly chicer, sexier, and all-around more awesome. May we suggest cat-eye liner? It’s a sophisticated and classic technique that instantly opens up your eyes.  But applying it can be a little tricky so we enlisted the help of Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist Tia Hebron for a cat eye tutorial.

1. Fill in Brows: Use a powder and brush to fill in your brows to their full length. Brows play a role in the subsequent steps of creating your cat eye. Editor’s Pick: Bobbi Brown Dark Brow Kit ($47)

2. Get in Position: Hold your chin up as if it’s on a shelf then look down into a mirror. This position allows you to see your entire eye and lid.

3. Start with the Wing: Imagine an angled line that starts at the tip of your eyebrow and ends at your lash line. The wing of your cat eye liner should be on this angle. If you need more help visualizing, place your liner brush on this line. Gel eyeliner is easier to handle than liquid, so we suggest using it for your cat-eye unless you’re already very comfortable with liquid liner. Turn your liner brush on its side then sweep it up toward your eyebrow on the lash-to-brow angle you just established. Do not tug at your lid to flatten out its natural wrinkles. Once you let go, your liner will be uneven.

4. Complete the Line: Work from the outside of your eye toward the inner corners using long strokes. Line the bottom lashline to up the drama even more.

Don’t get discouraged if your winged liner isn’t amazing right out of the gate. It’ll definitely take a few tries before you’re a cat-eye pro. In the meantime, when you make a mistake—say the line is a little wonky—fix it with concealer and a brush. Think of the combo as a magic eraser. If you need to sharpen up the wing, use your concealer to cover the flaws in the line.