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The Newest Gadget Makeup Artists Are Using at NYFW

Drop the brush! This innovative new tool gives a flawless finish in half the time and uses less product to do it! 
The Newest Gadget Makeup Artists Are Using at NYFW

Let me fill you in on a secret: I really only used three makeup brushes. If you don’t have a ton of time in the morning to fool around with proper techniques to get the look you want, then chances are you aren’t using a fan brush, a stippling brush, and an angled powder brush to get the look you want. You are not alone. Most women really just want the simplest way to look their best; hence the success of the one-step innovations like egg-shaped beauty sponges.

Backstage at BCBG Resort collection as well as their spring show, makeup artists gave models a flush face with dewy skin and minimal eye makeup. Using the TemptuAir, artists were able to create a flawless airbrushed look in half the time it would take to use a brush set. Here are a few things you should know about airbrushing with TemptuAir:

Forget About Bulky Airbrush Machines

Those big airbrush kits that you have to lug around are a thing of the past. Similar to your cell phone, the TemptuAir charges via USB; and It’s super lightweight—lighter than your facial brush, and can easily fit into your beauty travel case.

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Anyone Can Master It…Even You!

Flawless skin is literally one spray setting away. At the touch of a button, foundation is pushed through the nozzle of a makeup pod using air, offering a sheer dewy coverage that is buildable and believable! Using a circular motion, you can evenly distribute the base on your skin without looking made up. This process also uses far less makeup than the traditional brush/finger method as the makeup will not be concentrated in one space.

Your Full Face Is Three Makeup Pods Away 

Highly pigmented makeup pods are interchangeable allowing you use the same device to apply foundation, blush, and highlighting or contouring! 

The Best Part…Cleaning is Obsolete!

Admit it, you can’t really remember the last time you washed your makeup brushes. You aren’t the only one! Bacteria builds up in the fibers and bristles of your brushes leading to breakouts and potentially even skin infections. With TemptuAir, you can apply makeup worry free because makeup never actually touches the apparatus itself. It merely supplies the air pressure needed to push the pigment through the makeup pod.

Curious about trying the newest beauty gadget? Get your own TemptuAir, here. Tell us about your favorite beauty gadgets in the comments below!