Flower Contouring is a Thing Now

If sculpting your cheeks is new to you, then you’re late the party. Within the past year contouring has taken on a new face—a few of them! — including (but not limited to) clown contouring, ruler contouring, stiletto contouring and more recently, flower or henna contouring. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. And, while the end result for all of styles is the same, the journey to the look is the fun part. Henna—or Flower— contouring (depending on who you ask) is the newest addition to the contour craze. 

Think of it as face painting for grown-ups, but instead of paint brushes, you’ll use makeup brushes and sponges to design flowery portraits on cheekbones, forehead and along the jawline to create sculpted cheeks and a defined nose. 



A video posted by HELENA DŽELALIJA (@helena_makeup) on Aug 11, 2015 at 5:17am PDT


So what do you need to master the art of contouring? Two concealer brushes, a blush and a contour palette with various hues. We recommend trying Dermovia ($29, at kryolan.com) or another cream-based concealer to achieve the best results.