These Are The Easiest False Lashes I’ve Ever Applied
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Lashes are not my ministry. I’m clumsy at applying them. The thought of tweezers near my eyes frightens me. I watch all the tutorials and I read the directions on the falsies packs several times, yet I’ve still found myself completely inept with applying strips and wispies alike.

I surrendered to only using magnetics because I find them easier. But I want to get lashes like my favorite celebrities, and sometimes I see false lashes that I love and I’m too intimidated to try them. Plus, my natural lashes are so curly they don’t always cooperate with the magnetic strips, especially the ones with less flexibility.

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For 2020 one of my beauty resolutions is to learn how to apply falsies. So when KISS held a masterclass for their new Falscara Eyelash I was determined not to miss it. Now, I’m officially in love, and wearing lashes confidently.

The KISS Falscara Eyelashes offer a new way to apply falsies and it’s perfect for a lash novice, and especially convenient for anyone with extremely curly lashes like mine. The brand’s slogan is “If you can mascara, you can falscara.” We hear slogans so much we rarely care to think about what they mean, but in this instance it’s true.

You run the lash bond through your lashes just like you would mascara. Then you apply the lashes underneath your top lash line. This is key for someone with ultra curly lashes that stop falsies strips from connecting easily. You then use the seal serum to lock them in place. Then go out into the world with your fabulous self.

We had celebrity makeup artist Carolina Gonzalez to guide us through the process at the masterclass, but even without her expertise, I was able to do it the next morning in five minutes. That’s a vast improvement from the 35 minutes it took me to apply my lashes on New Year’s Eve (I told you it’s not my ministry). And I’m only going to get better from here.

I’m excited to try all the different types of lashes available in this line. Here are a few things to note before you start with your kit:

  • The bond is black which is great for you to be able to see that it’s coating your lashes. Keep a makeup remover wipe handy in case you get it on your face or worse.
  • The bond and the seal are sticky, so even if you can get the lashes off with warm water (I did), those serums are still on your natural lashes. Use the remover specifically for these products.
  • Don’t use primer or mascara before you apply the bond. You don’t need any of those things and they’ll interrupt the adhesive process.
  • The seal can dry a little white if you’re using too much so give it a light touch and build on it if necessary.
  • Don’t be afraid to stack lashes. If you add more bond, you can add more lashes. Amp up the drama with as many wispies as your little eyes can take.

The KISS Falscara lashes are only $7, kits are only $20. They’re available at,, and other major retailers.


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