8 Clump-Free Mascaras That Makeup Minimalists Will Love

It seems new mascaras launch every week with the promise of fuller, bigger and longer lashes. What they don’t advertise is the clump that comes along with it. You know what I'm talking about; the thick, gunky, lashes-stick-together-when-you-blink clumpy. As a makeup minimalist, I love feeling au naturel, but sometimes a bare face doesn’t do it for me. When I want a boost, mascara tends to be the go-to that adds a feminine touch to my look. One thing we’ve noticed when searching high and low for the best natural looking mascaras is that it’s all about the brush and how it grabs the product. When brushes are super wide and have thicker bristles, product is going to gather and turn to gunk. Steer clear of the thick stuff and covet these mascaras when you simply want better lashes that don't go overboard. 

Andrea Jordan Oct, 26, 2016