Four Funky Cat Eye Looks That Are Perfect For the Holidays

With the proper tools and a little patience, you can easily re-create these bold looks. The key? Start with the right essentials. Celebrity makeup artist Bank Natdanai came equipped with a pencil eyeliner, a gel liner, a concealer and Q-tips for our December 2016 issue. 

Nykia Spradley Nov, 14, 2016

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Here, Natdanai used a white pencil to trace the shape, followed by a white eye shadow on top to help absorb some of the oils on the lid so the color doesn’t budge. To seal and intensify the opacity, he topped with a white liquid liner.

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"My trick is to try not to close your eyes! Draw the design with your eyes open as much as you can,” says Natdanai. Looking down into a mirror may help. If your lines aren’t straight on the first try, you can always straighten them later.

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“Pencil the first layer, then use a gel on top for more intensity,” he suggests. Clean up and sharpen the lines using concealer or a Q-tip dipped in moisturizer. 

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Moving the attention from the top to just below the bottom lash gives you more canvas for varying eye shapes and sizes. “When you change the focus to the bottom, it’s easier to create different looks on someone with tiny eyes or little to no eyelid area,” says Natdanai.

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Use two vibrant hues, like this aqua and cobalt combo, for even more impact. Use the Beth Bender Beauty Eye Candy Gentle Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils ($10 for 28, to achieve a two-toned look. 

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If one graphic line is playing it too safe for you, up your lid game with this striped design. Natdanai’s secret weapon for getting the lines as straight as possible is a stiff, pointed precision brush. It’ll deliver super-skinny strokes and more definition.

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“You can always draw the line and then clean and sculpt using Q-tips and eye makeup remover,” Natdanai adds. He also recommends pulling your eyelid taut from the outer corner for more control when drawing. Use the Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush ($6,