Brow Sculpting May Be Your Next Beauty Addiction

If your brow bone is barren and a good portion of your morning is dedicated to create or filling in your brows, or you’ve considered permanent makeup, then you may be in luck. Brow sculpting is now a thing. Threading salons across the US are increasingly beginning to invest in the newest brow craze that creates and sculpts brows using a 3D sculpting gel that mimics the appearance of hair. Each brow takes thirty minutes and the results are waterproof, smudge-proof—life-proof—brows that won’t require any retouching until your next appointment three weeks later.

The 411 on How Brows Sculpt Your Face

Companies like Sleek Brows take the 3D scullpting process one step further by following up the 3D gel with brow extensions, which are similar to lash extensions, but for your brows. Brows are tailor made and the results last between 2-4 weeks.

Curious about how it works? See the results of brow sculpting in the video below.

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