Watch This Man Complete The #BoyfriendDoesMyMakeup Challenge With No Hands

The “Boyfriend Does My Makeup” challenge has maintained a dominating presence on YouTube, but we guarantee you’ve never seen it done like this. In the video below, a man with no hands effortlessly applies his girlfriend’s makeup, leaving behind results that are undeniably impressive. 

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Starting with base foundation, he precedes to pull out all the stops by blending, highlighting and contouring; in short, all of the beauty techniques typically reserved for makeup professionals. He even manages to finesse mascara and lipstick with his teeth. Clearly, where there is a will (and plenty of beauty products to choose from), there is way. 

Press play and prepare to be amazed: 

Meanwhile, we can’t even get bae to take out the trash. These two have certainly raised the bar. 

While the couple has not been identified, it quite obvious that this woman is one lucky lady! Relationship goals have been fully realized.