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#BlackBeauty of the Day: Skai Jackson Flaunts Luxe Lashes and Violet Shadow

Disney starlet, Skai Jackson, is quickly becoming a beauty girl to watch. Her latest look definitely has us rushing to the nearest beauty outlet for luxe faux lashes and the perfect purple summer shadow!
#BlackBeauty of the Day: Skai Jackson Flaunts Luxe Lashes and Violet Shadow
Earl Gibson III

The youngest girl on my beauty muse list is Disney star, Skai Jackson. At just 14 year old, she’s risen through the ranks from beauty crush to beauty muse, and with good reason! The girl’s got it going on! Love the hair, love the style, love the lashes— love it all! You go Glen Co Co—or, Skai, in this case!

Last week at the 18th Annual DesignCare gala, Jackson arrived on the red carpet sporting a stacked, structural topknot hairstyle and her signature, subtly dramatic makeup. And just like that, Jackson has mastered the art of simple glam.

At 14 years old her skin is flawless so it really doesn’t take much to enhance her natural beauty. For the gala, Jackson made her eyes the focal point of the beauty look, by dusting her lids with a violet shadow and adding a set of uber voluminous falsies. Because the lashes were so high drama, she kept her lips natural and topped them with a gloss, and added a little rouge to her cheeks.

The look is perfect for your “less is more” summer routine, and a nod to your junior high days when your beauty look required 2-3 products max: lipgloss, blush and maybe a little mascara. Want to re-create the look at home? We’ve picked out a few must-have products for you to use. Here’s to making oldie, but goodie beauty habits new again!

Art by Virginia Lowman