The Easy-to-Use Highlighter That Looks Good on Every Skin Tone
Alessandro Zeno/

This article originally appeared on Real Simple

I’ve always wanted to try highlighter, but finding the right shade among a seemingly endless selection is no easy feat. The shades I was choosing looked great in the store, but terrible in the light of my bedroom. None of the highlighters I chose were giving me those carved-out cheekbones I was promised.

But all of that changed when I finally found Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. The highlighter, a soft shade of lavender (yes, lavender!) has an almost holographic effect to it—it appears to change from gold, to rose, to violet as I move my head in the sunlight. There’s even more to love about this highlighter: One quick swipe is enough to cover your cheekbones.

The silky texture won’t cake like some powder highlighters tend to. Plus, this highlighter is incredibly buildable. If I’m looking to add an extra touch of pink to my cheeks (my favorite being the Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff), I just add it on beforehand applying the highlighter.

To buy: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed-Prismatic Amethyst, $38;

If you’re still worried this particular hue won’t suit your skin tone, a quick scroll through the Sephora ratings and reviews will convince you otherwise. The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector stood out to me, in part, because so many people with different skin tones raved about how amazing the highlighter looked on them.

Priced at $38, this product is a little bit more than I would normally spend on something like a highlighter, but, after using it for three months, I’m convinced that glow is worth every single penny.