9 Best Bronzers For Every Shade of Brown

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Although our melanin already delivers a natural warmth to the face, bronzer only enhances that "lit from within glow." And when applied to the cheekbones, a darker shade can also create a contouring effect that naturally lifts the face to camera-ready greatness. Channel your inner bronze beauty with any of these Black girl-approved finishes. 

Alexis Webb May, 05, 2017

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This waterproof bronzer is also best for those with sensitive skin. 

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Warm your skin with this long-lasting and luxurious bronzer that doesn't appear ashy on brown skin.

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Dust this all over and trick everyone into thinking you just returned from a tropical vacation. 

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Real cocoa powder make this a skin luminizer that smells good enough to eat. 

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If you prefer a shimmery finish, MAC’s delivers plenty of warmth and radiance to the skin. 

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Oily skin types will appreciate this muted formula as the weather warms up. 

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This golden shimmer bronzer has the perfect balance of pigment and glow for darker complexions.

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Use this bronzer with a fluffy brush to graze over the natural angles of the face, creating a natural highlight and contour effect.

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Bronzer and brown skin have never been more perfectly paired until Black Up created this powder. Use all over the face after foundation to restore your glow!

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