6 Makeup No-No’s We Need To Fix Now
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Of course, we all have that one photo from middle school—mine is from 7th grade—that’s a clear depiction of our lack of understanding for makeup. For those of us who are not beauty girls by nature, learning that art of makeup application can be a tough process. Things like learning to blend properly, finding your correct shade of foundation or the perfect balance between a bold lip and a smokey eye require practice and patience. We’ve broken down the six primary makeup faux pas and how you can avoid them.

Virginia Lowman and Laurice Rawls

Using the Wrong Shade of Foundation

Finding the right shade of foundation is tough for most women of color. But sporting a foundation that’s even one shade too light for you can make your skin look ashy or washed out. It also pays to be mindful of how much coverage you really need. If you are not light handed, your makeup application may lean towards the heavy side, which will in turn lead to cakey foundation. For a more natural look, spot treat your skin and blend the foundation or concealer using a damp makeup sponge or a makeup brush with a dollop your favorite facial moisturizer. Be sure to blend into your neck to avoid any lines of demarcation. Before you leave the house, take a picture with flash to see if your foundation looks ashy in harsh lighting.

If you’re still struggling to find the right shade of foundation, check out our article, Everything You Need To Know About Your Skin’s Undertone and Cover FX’s Total Cover Cream Foundation or their Custom Cover Drops which offers a range of over 30 shades of foundation to find your perfect match!

Virginia Lowman and Laurice Rawls

Unnatural Brows

Repeat after me: “Brows should be feathered in the front.” The secret to mastering the art of the brow is found in the density of the strokes used in application. For the most natural looking brow, opt for a pencil; the wax gives off a natural shine and the sharp point best emulates the appearance of hair. If you work better with powders or gels, be sure to use swift strokes in the direction that your brow hair grows.

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Eyebrow Etiquette For Black Girls

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Virginia Lowman and Laurice Rawls

Too Much Blush

For a perfect flush, lightly swirl your blush brush in a berry, peach or apricot blush. Tap the brush against your wrist to get rid of any excess and dust the color onto the apples of your cheeks. Color should not be extremely apparent, but rather, it should look as though you just have a pinch of color on your cheeks.

Virginia Lowman and Laurice Rawls

Extreme Contouring

Contouring should not be obvious. A simple dust of color 1-2 shades darker than your natural flesh tone along the line of your jaw, down the sides of your nose and in the hollows of your cheek will create a subtle shadow and the perfect contouring affect.

Virginia Lowman and Laurice Rawls

Rocking an Ashy Nude Lip

All nudes are not created equal. Women with warmer complexions should opt for a peachy-pink nude or a berry brown. The lighter the lipstick, the ashier is will appear. If you’re unsure of whether your nude is the right shade for you, snap a photo with the flash and see whether your lips look brighter than your complexion.

Virginia Lowman and Laurice Rawls

Choose Between a Dramatic Lip or a Bold Eye

Choose one feature on your face to highlight and let it take the lead. A dramatic eye paired with a bold lip can look costume-y, but done correctly, a subtle smokey eye and a bold lip can look sultry and alluring.