The 4-Way Slay: Bite Beauty Opal Lip Gloss

Both makeup novices and seasoned pros have a tried and true list of beauty must haves at their disposal. It may vary from time to time, but you can guarantee that it always includes lip gloss. Your peckers aren’t happy unless they’re hydrated and adorned in color, so why not knock out two birds with one stone? Right now, we’re obsessed with Bite Beauty’s Opal Lip Gloss, which can be found in the March 2016 ESSENCE Beauty Box.

Not only will it take your lip color from matte to high shine; it can also be worn alone for a look with ultraviolet dimension. And, because it’s made without all of the nasty ingredients—parabens, sulfates and phthalates—you can also utilize for a slew of other unconventional beauty hacks. Keep reading to see four of our favorites and get products like this delivered to your door by joining the BeautyBox family. You can still subscribe by March 29 to get our April box, which features six products worth over $90!

1. As a brow tamer.

Whether you’re going full and fierce or au naturel, lip gloss makes for a handy brow gel on the go. Simply use your gloss wand to brush and tame unruly hairs into place. Once you’ve rescued yourself from this beauty disaster, be sure to clean the wand with a makeup wipe so there’s zero cross product contamination when you resume using on the lips. Bite Beauty’s Opal Lip Gloss is packed with food grade ingredients that are actually ideal for hair health. Castor seed, jojoba and shea butter all make for natural moisturizers that will keep your eyebrows from feeling crusty after removing makeup.

2. As an eye gloss.

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One of our favorite ways to amp up fresh skin is with dewy eyelids. When you don’t have time to apply layers of shadow, a little gloss is just as effective. Swipe across the lid with your gloss wand and dab with one or two fingertips to evenly distribute the pearlescent finish. Depending on your mood, you may want to finish with mascara and eyeliner along the top lash line.

3. As a highlighter.

The cheekbones are a prime spot for both low maintenance and contour-obsessed beauty gals, so this highlighting hack will make everyone happy. Swipe a small amount of gloss under and over your foundation and blend for a hint of shine on either side of the face. If you want to go ultra-glam, don’t be afraid to apply a liberal amount of setting spray to those areas as well. Bite Beauty’s curved applicator make this super easy to master and the safe ingredients ensure that your skin won’t break out.

4. As an edge control.

We all know edge control is a must, but sometimes we’re unprepared for minor hair disasters. When you don’t have your gel handy and need to tame your baby hairs, a little lip gloss goes a long way. Simply apply and slick down with a comb. When your comb is nowhere to be found, a spoolie brush is just as effective and might even work better because of its small size.

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