These beautiful women have proven to go against the odds and be the best that they can be in their respective professions all while looking uber-fabulous while doing it. Luckily, we were able to track them all down and unlock the secrets to their most treasured beauty rituals. — KAREN CIVIL CEO, Always Civil Enterprise From casually snapchatting with high-powered politicians and celebrities to rolling out successful media campaigns for Beats by Dre, we can’t resist the urge to double tap any and every insta-picture this media maven posts. Karen gives glam, sophistication and sass all in one breath. How She Keeps it Pretty… “I always want to make sure I have a good EOS Visibly Soft lip balm ready to go because they keep my lips healthy and fresh. Also, I always have mascara handy.” Beauty Secret to Success: “I tend to go for a natural look which allows me to not spend too much time on my beauty routine because that could be time taken away from my clients. Normally, I’ll do a nude lip or a sheer pink. I don’t want to wear anything too distracting. If I do an eye shadow it will normally be from a nude palette. — KILEE HUGHES Founder & CEO, Six One Agency So you know that one gorgeous gal who always seems to be on dope stay-cations that keep us wondering what she does for living and how can we get like her? Yep, you guessed it, that’s Ms. Hughes for you! She works with big clients looking to expand their brands in the public eye in her high-powered NYC office on the regular and has worked for namesake companies such as Net-a-Porter and Nike. How She Keeps it Pretty… “I exfoliate daily, and I’m obsessed with Frank Body coffee scrubs. They gently remove dead skin, without microbeads, leaving it soft for the rest of the day. The feeling and smell of the Frank scrubs helps to rejuvenate my skin and get it glowing.” Beauty Secret to Success: “When it comes to interviewing, it’s best to steer clear of bright lipsticks, especially red. When I was working at Net-A-Porter, I interviewed a woman who was wearing bright red lipstick. Unfortunately for her, the lipstick smudged against her teeth, which caused me to lose concentration because I was too busy staring. Leave the red lips, and dramatic smoky eyes, for a night out with the girls.” — ANGELINA DARRISAW Career Coach & Digital Strategist From boardrooms to brunch meetings, it’s fascinating how unbelievably on point she keeps her look together. She’s held senior positions at Viacom as well as ESPN and always embodies the characteristics of “brains and beauty!” No wonder she’s an ambassador for brands such as My Black is Beautiful and Pantene. How She Keeps it Pretty… “Hair serum, deodorant, a lint brush, shout wipes, a sample size perfume, and a small makeup bag of essentials. I used to compete in pageants and before we’d go on stage, there could be as many as 50 girls wrestling for space in a dressing room smaller than a NY studio. I couldn’t bring big bags in there and it taught me how to pare down to the necessities. Beauty Secret to Success: “Do showcase your personality in your makeup and overall presentation, but stay away from being too distracting. Look natural and like yourself. An interview is a time to highlight your experiences and not your contour capabilities.” — ERICA HICKS Chief Executive Officer, PR Vein When you think of this public relations veteran, you are thinking about the lady with the best strategic game plan. She has a proven track record which further proves her awesome-ness as she has worked with high-fashion agencies such as KCD and Net-a-Porter to now leading her own PR powerhouse; PR Vein. How She Keeps it Pretty… “My lipstick makes me feel like a boss. Also, with mink eyelashes, I don’t need to do too much else thankfully. In fashion public relations and marketing, it’s all about just keeping a fresh beautiful face.” Beauty Secret to Success: “When it comes to working in PR, a few do’s include wearing fresh makeup, trying simple hairstyles and investing in routine beauty treats like manicures and facials.” — CHRISTINA S. BROWN Founder, LoveBrownSugar, BabyBrownSugar & BrownGirlsLove You can’t have a conversation about women at the head of their businesses without having Christina come to mind. Making your mark in a crowded world of blogging is quite commendable and she has found a way to stand out for quite some time now. How She Keeps it Pretty… “I love L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. It’s the cure-all for ashy hands. It smells great and feels good to use it knowing the shea collection empowers women in West Africa.” Beauty Secret to Success: “A bold rep lip is always a good idea! Red is a power color. It gives you confidence, which should be every girl’s best beauty secret.” — CAMARA HELPS Celebrity Makeup Artist Total transformer, face enhancer, can we say superwoman? Those descriptors all sound about right when it comes to this young lady. With a client roster including big name heavy hitters such as Garcelle Beauvais, Dej Loaf and June Ambrose, it’s safe to say she’s really doing her thing, one face at a tie. How She Keeps it Pretty… “A favorite product of mine is Becca Cosmetics Skin Perfectors! I use it before applying foundation on the face, and I only use it where I’d like to highlight. I also use it on my body to reveal luminous skin—especially for fun nights out when I want to show off a little more skin.” Beauty Secret to Success: “My secret is simply to be yourself, be kind, be patient, be consistent and never be afraid to ask for what you want as well as for someone to help you get there. Surround yourself with winners!” — SHANTE BACON Founder & CEO, 135th Street Agency If there is a cool new movie launch party or trendy beauty campaign happening in the Big Apple it’s safe to say you can count on Shante Bacon making sure it’s going to be a night to remember. She’s collaborated with everyone from Carol’s Daughter to Interscope Records. How She Keeps it Pretty… “When it comes to foundations, I like to keep it simple. It’s either Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation in Warm Almond (special thanks to Tanisha Laverne Grant for putting me on to Tom Ford makeup) or Mary Kay’s CC Cream.” Beauty Secret to Success: “To get my mornings started off right I turn to Nubian Heritage’s Goats Milk & Chai. It gives the softest, most luxurious silky lather I have ever felt.” — LISA NICOLE CLOUD Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Success Coach Name sound familiar? It’s probably because you have heard it on Bravo TV’s, Married to The Medicine” hit reality show. Ms. Cloud does it all! She’s a businesswoman, a wife and overall knows how to keep her mood cool, calm and collective at all times. How She Keeps it Pretty… “A couple of musts for me are a facial once a month and a weekly massage. This helps me to stay centered. Also, I get a manicure every two weeks and a hair trim every other month.” Beauty Secret to Success: “My motto is first impressions are lasting impressions. People make their decisions based on the first impression you give them. Always be on your “A” game! — NICKIE ROBINSON DJ, Publicist & Bank Executive A bank executive and publicist by day, DJ by night, Nickie Robinson is pretty much a jack-of-all-trades to say the least. She is a “make it happen” kind of boss lady that makes work look so effortless and chic. How She Keeps it Pretty… “I wash my face with Boots Botanics All Bright Cleansing Foam Wash and my Clarisonic cleansing brush. I follow up with Oxygen Plasma Potion from Ling and NaturaBisse SPF 30 Daily Defense Oil Free Fluid as well as La Mer The Eye Concentrate. Also, I believe beauty comes from within, therefore I routinely chew NouriTress’ Perfect Hair 5000mcg Biotin Gummies. Beauty Secret to Success: “My grandma used to always ask me, “Nickie, can you please put some “powder puff” on for me?” I get it now. I never leave the house without blush. Blush can instantly give you the pop that you need without trying too hard.” — NICOLE GIBBONS Interior Designer & TV Host, Nicole Gibbons Studio LLC From initially starting a career in public relations to becoming an in-demand interior designer, it’s quite obvious that she has always been a woman about her business. Nicole has the gift of being able to convert simple little apartments into trendy chic living spaces that you’ll never want to leave. How She Keeps it Pretty… “I try not to use too many products or too much heat on my hair. I use AG Haircare Firewall as a heat protectant when I flatiron or curl my hair. I also really like L’Oreal Paris Ever Crème cleansing balm, which is a co-wash cleanser. For edge control, I use Crème of Nature’s Perfect Edges (which is also in our beautybox!).” Beauty Secret to Success: “My friend and makeup artist, Ananda Kahn, taught me how to do basic makeup for on-camera when I’m attending events or I’m somewhere I might be photographed. If you’re being photographed or are going on-air, use all matte makeup and avoid shimmery bronzers or highlighters as they tend to unpleasantly reflect studio lighting making you look super shiny.” — JENELLE HAMILTON CEO, Jenelle HamiltonPR Two words come to mind when you think of Jenelle Hamilton. Pretty and polished! This London-born lady is on fire and has won over amazing clients such as Tom Ford and Bob Mackie while also holding it down a countless amount of times backstage at New York Fashion Week. How She Keeps it Pretty… “I keep 2 products on my desk every day– Glossier’s Balm Dotcom which I apply throughout the day and Formula X Erase AHA Cuticle Cream. It’s like having an instant manicure in a tube!” Beauty Secret to Success: “Always look groomed and put together. Work with your natural beauty and enhance what you have with makeup. Create a signature look for yourself, and don’t forget to smile, it’s your best accessory.” — KÉLA WALKER TV Host, Producer, Fashion Authority  “Red carpet after red carpet, she’s that gorgeous girl we just can’t get enough of! Whether she’s interviewing A-list celebrities or calling the shots behind-the-scenes, she really knows how to always make sure to step up to the plate giving us beauty, style and lots of grace. How She Keeps it Pretty… “I’m loving Lauren Napier Beauty Wipes! They come in individual envelopes, and I can carry them with me for clean skin on the go. This way, I’m not weighed down by the standard big bundle pack of wipes.” Beauty Secret to Success: “I always keep a bold lippie in my bag to amp up my style at any moment. Also, I keep nude eyeliner on hand at all times. I do one swipe in the rim of my eyes and they instantly look brighter, making me look more alert.”