11 Badass Lip Piercing Options For The Bold Beauty

Consider this a crash course on next level bling.

Nikki Brown May, 18, 2017

There’s no shortage of piercing options for the bold and brave beauty, but none are quite as attention-grabbing as lip bling. And the options are way more expansive than you thought.

Depending on your tolerance for pain and personal preference, any of these carefully placed baubles are a surefire way to add a rockstar twist to your pout. Get familiar with 12 options that continue to trend.

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1 of 11 @eeshalazuli/Instagram

A piercing just under the center of the bottom lip.

2 of 11 @toyadelazy/Instagram

Consider this a remix on the labret, where the piercing goes through the center of the bottom lip and comes out the bottom.

3 of 11 @missnikkibrown/Instagram

A piercing just above the center of the upper lip and in the middle of the “cupid’s bow.”

4 of 11 @good_vibiin/Instagram

A combination of the medusa and labret piercing.

5 of 11 @maricelis83/Instagram

A piercing just above the left side of the upper lip.

6 of 11 @jackiiee.oh/Instagram

Two piercings evenly separated under or on the border of the lower lip.

7 of 11 @wolfhailstorm/Instagram

A pair of piercings that sit close together on one side of the bottom lip.

8 of 11 @shakisaha/Instagram

A pair of piercings placed above the upper lip.

9 of 11 @beanybabybop/Instagram

A pair of two piercings centered under the bottom lip.

10 of 11 @tayara_dutra/Instagram

A set of piercings placed at either corner of the mouth.

11 of 11 @starnescia/Instagram

A quad of piercings placed on both sides of the upper and bottom lip.