Leikeli47 Has The Beauty Receipts To Be The Perfect Ivy Park Muse
Getty Images

If Beyoncé is pushing for bold, edgy and creative with her new Ivy Park collection with Adidas, then she tapped the perfect muse in Leikeli47. The Brooklyn-born rapper, producer, and songwriter intrigued audiences when she hit the scene with her face concealed by a bandana. But it was her music where she focused on a flawless beat, hair, and nails that got beauty lovers excited.

The irony isn’t lost on us that she talks about beauty, yet we can’t see her face. But what she does give is hungrily accepted by fans. And from her songs it’s clear that she’s a glam girl.

The starlet recently reminded us on her Instagram page that her head-bopping hit “Full Set” is still a favorite even in the new decade. Other tracks like “Wash and Set,” “Walk-Ins Welcome,” and the title track from her 2018 album Acrylic are further proof that she loves a good beauty routine.

We’ve seen some sneak peeks of the line, which includes a burgundy balaclava with the famous three stripes in neon orange, and other pieces that speak to Leikeli47’s aesthetic.

We’re looking forward to more images of her in the campaign, representing all the unique talents that choose to exemplify beauty in unconventional ways. One thing we know for sure though, her edges will be laid and her nails will be on point.

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