The holiday season is upon us, which leaves us wondering what makeup, ensembles and hairstyles we’ll wear. And the big question is, how do we pay for all this stuff?

Luckily, we were on the scene at an X-Rated Fusion event at Tribeca’s swanky Tenoverten salon, where reality star LaLa Anthony dished on her holiday style and beauty secrets. While Anthony does have a platinum Rolodex filled with the best hairstylists and makeup artists in the business, turns out her tips don’t require a celebrity bank account to acquire.

For instance, LaLa loves taking a simple frock and using accessories like vintage belts to jazz them up — this saves you from the embarrassment of showing up with someone wearing your same dress. She also loves playing with color, and her stylist, Andrea Livolsi, suggested experimenting with texture (she outfitted LaLa in a white lace dress for the evening) with something like a simple velvet dress for holiday shindigs.

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As for hair and makeup, while getting both done professionally is a great luxury, LaLa says you can do it yourself! Instead, spring for a great brow-shaping. The ultimate beauty accessory? “Two words,” LaLa says, “gel manicure.” She’s a fan of the long-lasting, no-chip salon service and adds some flair to it with nail art.

Gotta love a girl who shares her style secrets. Thanks, LaLa!