Lala Anthony Is Showing Off Red Hair For Winter
Lala Anthony

Around the winter time, everyone is trying to figure out what new hair color to try. Usually, we’re on the hunt for deeper, more sensual hues that add warmth to the face and transition us away from the brighter shades we opted for in the spring and summer. And while most of us have simply settled for the same hair color we’ve had since the beginning of quarantine, celebs are continuing to shake things up.

Take Lala Anthony for example, who appears to have settled for red this season. Or at least, for the moment. The deep burgundy hue, donning a wig created by Atlanta-based hairstylist Jasmine Dior, is laid to perfection and is yet another notable hair moment for Anthony.

The look, which also has a deep side part, has been described as one reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit, and we couldn’t agree more. So in case you actually are planning on changing it up this year, check out more shots of Anthony’s smoldering look.

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