Keke Palmer Announces Olay Partnership And New York Fashion Week Collaboration
Karly Rogers for Olay

If you’re going to be on TV daily one thing that you absolutely need to do is moisturize. On Tuesday night, Keke Palmer and Olay Body hosted an event at Hotel Indigo Lower East Side in New York to announce that the actress and host of GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke would be taking the Olay Body Wash Challenge.

For us the news was gasp-worthy, as we understand the importance of moisturizer, but more-so because the stakes are higher to present at your best when you’re on camera every day.

The challenge means she’ll be washing with Olay Ultra Moisture body wash every day and using no additional body moisturizer. No lotion for those elbows. No Vaseline for those ankles. Nothing. So we had one question for the Hustlers actress: What are you most nervous about for this challenge?

“I would say I’m most nervous about being ashy,” she jokingly told ESSENCE. “Right now with the challenge that would be my only fear but I’ve already seen that it won’t happen. I’ve used Olay throughout my life.”

Being ashy is a real fear. We also saw actress Danielle Brooks take on the Olay challenge earlier this summer, posting beautiful photo after beautiful photo of her gorgeous glistening skin.

Dr. Maiysha D. Jones, Senior Scientist and Scientific Communications Manager of personal care at Procter & Gamble explained that the petrolatum ingredient in the Ultra Moisture body wash is what locks in the moisture, allowing the skin to absorb all the hydration before washing it away. It’s the secret sauce to keeping the host’s skin from looking dry on camera without additional moisturizer.

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Palmer also made a special announcement at the event about her New York Fashion Week partnership. She’ll be walking in her first runway show for designer Christian Cowan, who produced a video message played at the event welcoming the star and expressing his enthusiasm for the collaboration. Like the outgoing girl’s girl she is, the Scream Queens star took the evening as an occasion to also meet and mingle with guests, chatting about everything from horoscopes (her birthday was the previous day), to biological clocks and dating apps.

And with her long time hairstylist Ann Jones on hand, we also had the chance to chop it up about hair and why we stan for Palmer’s ever-changing mane. Having worked with the actress for many years, Jones is responsible for some of our favorite event looks, including at the AOL Build Speaker Series where the actress and host wore her hair in a bow, literally.

“Keke likes girly and flirty, and I’m kind of the same way too so we’re always on the same wavelength as far as looks. We like to play with a lot of fun hairstyles so the bow was definitely my favorite to do,” said Jones. “It was a little edgy, she had the shaved sides. I did some infusion braids on the side, it was very intricate but you couldn’t see it because I tried to hide that so that the style was flawless. It was fun and one of my hardest to do.”

Jones teased that there will be something special with the runway hairstyles, but offered up little more. We fangirl for Keke Palmer’s hair pretty much every time she hits a red carpet. Now we get to fangirl for her at NYFW when she hits the runway. All we can hope is that her skin is moisturized well, because elbows and ankles will tell on you.


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