Justine Skye On Her Partnership With MELĒ And How The Brand Has Helped Transform Her Skin
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The statement “the moment for equity in skincare is now” is not only a mantra, but a way of life for MELĒ Skincare. Launched in September 2020, MELĒ made it a mission to produce a line specifically designed for the melanin-rich community. That’s why selecting the perfect spokesperson was so important. From perfect hair to perfect skin, the choice to have multi-talented performer Justine Skye represent the brand came completely naturally. As the weather changes and beauty routines cement themselves, it’s important to have products that are dedicated to replenishing the skin. That said, ESSENCE had the chance to sit down with Skye to talk about how MELĒ are those products for her.

Having such amazing influence, we were curious as to how the partnership between Justine and MELĒ formed. “They definitely reached out to me and I’ve always believed that the start of any great beauty routine is skincare,” she says. “But as a Black woman, I’m also very aware of the lack of accessible quality options that specifically addressed the needs of my skin. As a performer, I’m constantly in makeup. I feel like if I didn’t have a proper like skin regimen then my skin would be way out of control.”

There’s no doubting the authenticity of Skye’s relationship with the product once you hear her testimony. She found comfort in the brand’s creator having a background in dermatology and immediately felt that MELĒ understood the intricacies of her skin. Though knowledge of the brand was fruitful, it was crafting a routine that helped her skin the most. “Once I started taking care of my skin and once I learned about MELĒ, my skin has just gotten a lot better,” she says. “I’ve seen a lot of improvement, especially with hyperpigmentation.”

Often told a solid routine produces good skin, Skye explained just how she structures hers. “A first step for me is obviously cleansing your skin and taking care of the dark spots,” she says. Other than it being extremely beautiful—I absolutely adore the colors—the Dark Spot Serum helped my skin out a lot.” Skye explains though SPF was once neglected, it has now become a consistent part of her routine. “I wasn’t someone who just thought of putting SPF on my face as often as I should,” she shares. However, if she had to choose a trio, the Even Dark Spot Control Serum, the Dew the Most Sheer Moisturizer SPF 30 and the Even Tone Post Cleanse Tonic are her go-tos. “As a woman of color, you need the dark spot serum, the SPF as well,” she says. “Those are my absolute favorite products and must-haves. The cleanser is really great too. It’s very gentle and gets the job done; the even tone tonic as well.”

MELĒ is also heavily involved in the community. “Beyond products, we’re also committed to celebrating and driving equity in the service and skincare treatment for people with melanin-rich skin through science-based resources and education, like The Melatology Alliance, for consumers and skincare professionals,” a brand spokesperson tells ESSENCE. “These two pillars will always be at the core of who we are as a brand. A huge reason we started the Melatology Alliance was to ensure melanin-rich skin got that care it needed to be its most radiant self. While almost all of the estheticians surveyed (97 percent) in a recent study commissioned by MELĒ agreed that esthetician schools/programs should incorporate skin of color curriculums into programs. We don’t want this to discourage those going into the field.”

No matter how wonderful the products are, however, Skye emphasizes that patience is key with any skincare routine. “It’s not an overnight situation,” she says. “It’s something that you have to actually tend to, and use on a daily basis, so it’s a process here. Your skin journey is definitely a process.”

Free from parabens, alcohol, mineral oil and sulfates, you can purchase MELĒ at Target stores and on target.com. Start giving your skin the care it deserves!