Jo Malone London Announces Adwoa Aboah As Global Ambassador
Courtesy of Brand

This week marks the beginning of Adwoa Aboah’s newest endeavor, in which she’ll be able to amplify her passion and activism with the support of British lifestyle brand Jo Malone London. Aboah is a woman of many gifts and titles – she’s known as an international supermodel, mental health activist, founder of nonprofit Gurls Talk and now, Global Ambassador.

In her new role, Aboah will join forces with Jo Malone London to bring mental health awareness to the forefront and amplify the work that the organization has been committed to for the past decade. “I’m very grateful for this partnership as it puts mental health at the forefront of our collaboration, we seriously align in our passions,” she said in the press release. “I’m really excited to challenge tradition, by attracting new audiences to Jo Malone London because of the values it champions. I want people to know about the work that Jo Malone London has been doing for mental health charities for years.”

For Aboah, who is the founder of Gurls Talk, a community-led organization dedicated to the mental health and well-being of women and young girls globally, it was natural for her to partner with Jo Malone London after discovering the brand’s ethos aligned with her sole passion. While being an avid supporter years before, Aboah may have not been able to foresee this moment that led her to now becoming the face of a brand that truly cares – making it delightfully surreal.

And in true Jo Malone London fashion, Aboah’s new role was announced along with the brand’s latest fragrance campaign, which features her favorite scent, English Pear & Fuschia – shop the collection here.


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