Forever Young: Jhené Aiko Shares The Secret To Her Flawless Skin  

When confronted with picture-perfect selfies of Jhené Aiko’s poreless, glowing skin on Instagram, it’s hard to believe that the R&B songbird is almost 30 years old.

We’ve always thought the secret to her glow up and doll-like appearance was drinking gallons of water, using coconut oil and having Big Sean by her side. But now we know the “Sativa” singer actually has a robust skincare regimen. And she recently took the time to post a detailed Instagram comment, blessing fans with a few beauty gems on how she keeps her skin and face looking so healthy and ageless.

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As far as her routine, Aiko attributed her clear, smooth skin to Fraxel treatments, explaining that she has the laser procedure done twice a year to stimulate the production of a new layer of skin.

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But before you go booking your next treatment, Aiko wrote that it “hurts like shit.” However, judging by the end results, it’s definitely worth it. She credited exfoliators and serums, such as IS Clinical serums and CeraVe face wash, with helping to maintain her clear complexion.

“Also, I take collagen pills, drink Kangen water, apple cider vinegar and take SuperFood by Dr. Schuzles [sic] daily,” Aiko wrote.

She also mentioned that birth control plays an integral part in her beauty routine as well. “I [used] to have cystic acne due to ovarian cyst,” she posted. “The b.c. helps w/ that.”

Props to Jhené for sharing the wealth!

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