TikTok is the definitive choice for the most recent trends in virtually anything. With more than 240 million views, a trend that has recently made a comeback and is being popularized by beauty trendsetters—is jelly nails. The nostalgic nail style has undergone a major remix that is not only attractive but also simple to apply, thanks to companies like Orly and their Holo Jellies.

“The jelly nail trend actually stems from the mid-80s and the ’90s when girls wore jelly sandals,” explains Resort Nails manicurist Diamond Tiarrah Walton. “Jelly sandals were very popular back then because of the translucent that was sometimes fused with glitter.”

Walton believes that jelly nails are very nostalgic. “It takes you back to the summer with ice trucks, jumping rope, and dressing cute,” she says. “I think this generation just wants the freedom of style that came with growing up during that era.”

Jelly Nails Are Trending On Tiktok This Summer — And We Know Why

Walton frequently receives requests for multicolored jelly nail sets in very brilliant colors. Depending on the length, shape, and details of the set, this can take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. “The longest I have ever done a jelly nail set is three hours,” she tells us. 

Jelly nails can typically last 2-3 weeks, depending on the care you give them. “I recommend oiling your cuticles at least once a day as it helps stimulate nail growth and keeps your set looking fresh,” says Walton. “Most importantly, keep up to date with your appointments to ensure the nails underneath the full sets are also receiving some love.” 

The full set of jelly nails can cost from $95-$120, depending on your selection. 

Check out some of the jelly nail styles that have us dialing our nail techs:

The Wet & Jelly

Clean & Clear

Multicolored Jelly Gummy Bears

Nude & Natural Jelly

Bold & Blue