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Jackie Aina's New Candle Collection Is A Whole Mood

Get ready, because the beauty influencer is launching new must-have products for your vanity.
Jackie Aina’s New Candle Collection Is A Whole Mood
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Last year, Jackie Aina celebrated her birthday with the launch of a limited-edition eye-shadow pallet. And this year, the beauty maven will commemorate another trip around the sun with the debut of her new candle collection.  

On Monday, Aina confirmed in an Instagram post that she would be releasing 4 candles—in 4 different moods—with 4 different vibes on August 4th, from her new brand FORVR Mood. And each one–packaged in a pastel-colored jar, deserves a spot on your vanity or coffee table.

According to Aina, the candles, which come in clever names like Caked Up, Matcha Business, Left On Read and Cuffing season, will make you a candle lover if you aren’t already.

And though the inspiration behind the line is still unclear, we know each candle has a unique scent story.

“I can’t wait to share with all of you each scent story, the inspiration for each candle, and why we decided to launch with candles in the first place,“ tweeted Aina. “There is so much emotion and memory tied to smells; it’s and honor to share this with all of you.”

Last week, when Aina announced that something was coming from FORVR Mood, we didn’t expect it to be this soon. Leave it Aina, to make being stuck at home 4 times better.

For early access to the launch, sign up on forvrmood.com.