Jackie Aina Says You Should Be Able To Name More Than 5 Black-Owned Beauty Brands
Photo: Getty

Beauty influencer, Jackie Aina has always used her YouTube channel where she has over 3 million subscribers, to highlight black-owned beauty brands. And according to Aina, by now everyone should be able to name at least five.

On Tuesday, Aina created a buy black-owned thread on Twitter, and it shows just how knowledgeable her followers are.

“Black-owned thread” Aina, tweeted. “By now everyone should be able to name 5 MINIMUM black-owned indie beauty brands. Besides Fenty Beauty and Pat McGrath Labs (the obvious),” Aina added.

And according to the thread, that has since been retweeted over 6 thousand times, there are well over five. 

Followers flooded the comments section with Black-owned beauty brands who offer everything from nail polish to face masks to lipsticks. 

So if you need to re-up on any of your quarantine beauty essentials, check out the black-owned beauty brands here, who’ve got you covered

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