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This Video Hilariously Describes The Beauty Trends We Don't Need In 2017

Over-lined eyebrows, faux freckles and nose highlighting...just to name a few. 
This Video Hilariously Describes The Beauty Trends We Don’t Need In 2017

There are a few things we hate to leave in 2016, like our beloved First Family. However, when it comes to some of this year’s standout beauty trends, we happily forfeit.

We’d hate to endure another year of contouring with kitchen utensils, ultra-light beam highlighting, and faux freckles (yes, this happened). And while those are just a few of this year’s bizarre beauty trends, YouTuber Jackie Aina sums up just about everything in her annual “Trends We’re Ditching “ video.

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Prior to the hilarious reveal, she garnered over 8,000 comments from followers under an Instagram post that read, “Trends We’re Ditching in 2017?” with “Roast us” underneath.

As it turns out, they’re sick of over lining brows, baby hair, nose highlighting…and Donald Trump. And while some people will be less than hasty to admit that they’ve tried these trends, Jackie has no problem admitting her partaking or the fact that she may continue these trends in 2017.

Press play for the full roast above.