It’s All About The 80s For Louis Vuitton’s Resort 2020 Runway Beauty
Getty Images

Vampy rep lips, big curls of all kinds, and mean mugs were in full force at the Louis Vuitton Resort 2020 show held at the TWA Flight Center in JFK International Airport on Wednesday.

Typically when a show is staged at the airport, you expect the theme to be travel-centric, maybe even a nod to flight attendant regalia. And we all know flight attendants keep their faces impeccably made up, it’s even part of the employment contract for some airlines.

For this runway, however, models sported a look much edgier than what you would expect from the ladies that ask if you want peanuts or pretzels with your Coke, aligning with the funky and eclectic collection that didn’t quite boast any direct ties to air travel. Think Vanity as Laura Charles starts a hedge fund. It screamed 1980s New York, playing up overly lined eyes, overtly flushed cheeks, and voluptuous red lips. The serious mugs come courtesy of those mean Gotham streets.

It’s a beauty look that in recent years had been considered only for red carpets and special occasions but is slowly making its way back onto the faces of women simply going to work, going to brunch, or just showing up for life.


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